Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello to all our Family & Friends

Okay, It's now our turn to jump on the band wagon and have our own blog! This is so weird for us, but what the heck, why not? So to introduce our selves.....

Welcome, to the Logan and Jennie Raye page. In case you were wondering why our email address is just know that in Spanish Guapo means handsome. Logan likes to remind us all that he is very handsome and we never should forget it! Logan was called Elder Guapo on his mission when he served in El Salvador. He is now insisting that all of his niece and nephews must call him Guapo or Uncle Guapo. Aiden (our 18th month old Nephew, Son of Jeremy & Tiff Benson-Logan's Brother) manages to say gago. We'll take anything we can get!

For those of you who do not know Logan and my story, we'll give you the reader's digest version. Logan is a stalker!!! Just kidding, that is how I start off everytime some one asks us how we met. Acutally, Logan and I shared the same friends when I moved to Las Vegas in March of 2005. I met Logan's Best friend's Anna and Brian the week I left Cedar City. Through the months I had always heard the name Logan Benson but I had never crossed paths with the guy. In November 2005, I was invited to my friend Jennifer's birthday party. She informed me that it was a "Tri-party" celebrating her's and two other's birthday as well.
I walked into the party to see a DJ in the living room, guess who was DJing...Yup, Logan Nicholas Benson. The dude kept looking at me and looking at me. Finally I said, "Do I know you from somewhere, Who are you?" Logan said, "Go ask Jen who I am!"
I ran into the kitchen and Jen told me that was Logan, I was in shock! Finally after 8 months of hearing about this crazy guy named Logan, I met him. I do not exaggerate when I say he wouldn't keep his eyes off me the entire night.
Two days later I ended up getting a random text from an unknown number stating I better not have any plans on Saturday coz I was going to go on the "ride of my life!" I didn't recognize the number so I called it...A guys voice was on the other end and he wouldn't tell me who it was. So I called Jennifer and asked her if she gave my phone number to someone.
During those two days (Saturday-Monday) Logan managed to call every single on of my friends, obtain information such as where I worked; where I lived; what kind of car I drove; where I was from; etc. Also, Logan managed to speak with my mom and my sister while I was at work one day--need I say more? The boy is a stalker!!!
Our first date was supposed to be an off roading adventure (hence, the "ride of my life) but Logan's sand rail was still not working. Our first date ended up being Logan coming over to my house and us talking for hours. By day five I was having Dinner with Logan's parents and brother/Sister-in-law, and by day 14 I was having the family interview by Logan's mom as she discovered how I was going to fit in the family and if I was willing to move to Arizona.

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Jeremy & Tiffani Benson said...

It seems like forever ago. So glad you are "ours" now. And SOOO glad you have joined the blogging world.