Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tire Drama at the Cinders...

So Utah may be my paradise, but the Cinders (North of Flagstaff, AZ) is Logan's retreat! I swear that man could live there and off road, and drive like a crazy person for the rest of his life. What fun we had.
FUNNY STORY: Logan just purchased paddle tires off of craigslist about 6 months ago. Since then he has been working hard on getting his engine in mint condition, and conditioning the paddle tires with new tubes, etc. We no sooner get to the Cinders and Logan starts installing these "amazing" paddle tires. He gets so excited that when is tries to remove the regular tires, he breaks the steam off of them. We have to drive into Flagstaff and go to discount tires to get it replaced.
We get back to the campsite, and Logan begins the installation process again. Both tires on, Logan is ready to go. Blake, Indira, and I jump in the Baja with Logan and take off for the hills. As I'm filming Logan and our friends driving around and around, he punches it for about 5 minutes. He pulls back up onto the road where I have conveniently been sitting down recording his driving experience, and he realizes his paddle tire has gone flat! HE DROVE ON THAT TIRE FOR ONLY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!! Histerical! Just goes to show, you may get a great deal on Craigslist, but how long will it really last? Well, at least we have a cool story. I can't believe how much drama tires can cause. HA HA!


So, you know when you don't really feel homesick or you forget you are homesick until you go home? Yes, well that is what happened when we went to Utah in the beginning of August! I miss it so much. I miss the people, the mountains, the air, the family and the friends. We went to Utah for a family reunion and a small little vacation.

We had a fun potluck with a few of my good friends from West Jordan and other places in the Salt Lake Valley. It is strange to think we are all married, and most have kids of their own. Man, we grow up fast. I remember freshman year of college when we were still getting used to each other and our "fungus"! What great memories, and what true friendships I made.

On Saturday, we had the Giles family reunion. What bittersweet feelings from that. Most of my extended family was in attendance. It was great to see everyone, we haven't all been together since my grandmother was alive. Sure we've seen each other at a few weddings, but there was something to say about the special reunion this summer. If I learned anything it is FAMILIES ARE FOREVER! And that is what it is all about. No wonder the church has such a strong spirit there. Love you all!

Logan Benson's Birthday...Last November!

Hi! So in an effort to catch up on the blog, Here are some photos from my hubby's birthday party! That's right, I threw him an Ironman Party! Am I the best wife or what? I also got Logan Guitar Hero and a bunch of movies. Man, we are so adventurous being an old married couple.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just got fancy with my blog! Thanks to Lisa, my BFF, I'm looking like a professional!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay, Okay...UPDATED!!!!

What's up everyone! Nothing happens to us and we don't have kids....which is why we rarely have anything to talk about! About a month ago, my work set out on the social networking and facebook venture so I created a profile and I must say...I'm getting caught up with everyone and loving it.
It seems that not only do people have a facebook page but they update their blog all the time too...where do you find the time? I guess that is what Sunday morning is for!

Anyway, we are alive and well. Logan is working for Blue Sky Pest Control still and is now working a lot in the hot phoenix sun. He has determined the best way to stay cool is to wear a floppy sun hat (no joke) and dip it in the pool or use a water hose to soak it. By the time he is finished servicing the house....his hat is dry and he has remained cool. Innovative or ridiculous! lol But that's what I love about him, he is always thinking outside the box and how to make a situation better.

As for me, I'm still working for Mark-Taylor Residential as the Executive Assistant. It is pretty stressful at times but I'm becoming an expert in so many things. Recently, I took on a bit of the Marketing department which has done nothing but opened my eyes to the big picture of business. WHY did I not take more business classes? I love working for a company who appreciates hard work and good people.

As far as Logan and I, we don't have any definite plans for anything major right now. We are still looking to buy a house by the end of the year, but we are not rushing the process by any means. Logan and I plan to go to northern Utah in August for a family reunion so we are looking forward to that! We hope to see you all very soon!


Jennie and Logan

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Logan, Jennie, and the Baja

Here is a picture of Logan and My Baja. The trip was awesome and we had lots of fun hanging out with the family. Logan is still talking about what he wants to do next to the Baja. Whether it be new seats or a Turbo Engine...is Christmas coming early this year?!!

VolksWagon Family

Everyone has a Baja and/or a "Thing" in Logan's family. It is a family hobby, the boys have spent the last year getting their Baja just right and Robert (Logan's Dad) has spent years getting his Thing together. All about the VW's.